3 Simple Solutions To Improve Your Cooling System's Efficiency For Summer

If you are a homeowner, you are probably exhausted by the different tasks needed to keep your house clean, functional, and appealing. Mowing the lawn, washing the windows, and repairing any leaks or clogs are all important tasks. However, you should also place some time and energy into your heating and cooling system. With summer quickly approaching, the early part of spring is a great time to focus your attention on your air conditioner unit. Since half of your total energy usage goes to heating and cooling, making sure your air conditioner is ready for the busy summer season is essential. Here are a few simple solutions to improve your air conditioner's efficiency before the summer season starts.   

Fan Yourself

Most homeowners are able to cool their homes in the summer season sufficiently using their air conditioner system. However, moving the air around inside your home using ceiling fans is beneficial for keeping your home cool in a more eco-friendly and economical manner. If you do not have ceiling fans in the main rooms of your home, such as the bedrooms and living or family rooms, installing them is a smart investment.

Running your ceiling fans to circulate air inside the home can actually keep you and your family cool in temperatures up to an estimated 85 degrees. Running both the air conditioner system and your ceiling fans allows you to set your thermostat higher, reducing energy and saving you money.

Throw Shade

Landscaping your home is important. Not only does it add curb appeal, making your home more attractive, but it also increases you home's value. While surprising to learn, planting certain trees around your home and outdoor air conditioner unit can reduce cooling costs by an estimated 35 percent.

Make sure to plant deciduous trees in the western, eastern, and northwestern sides of your home. Also, plant a tree near your outdoor unit, which will provide an extra layer of insulation between the air conditioner unit and the sun's heat.

Unfortunately, choosing the right trees for your yard can be difficult, but opting for one or more of these fast-growing trees that produce lots of shade is smart:

  • Flowering Tulip
  • Red Oak
  • Weeping Willow
  • Sycamore
  • Maple
  • Bradford Pear
  • Redwood
  • Eastern Red Cedar

Dress your Windows

Natural light is appealing, but excessive amounts of sun coming into your home each day heats your home, increasing the need to run the air conditioner harder and longer. Thankfully, dressing the windows of your home can block out the solar heat rays to keep your home cooler. This will improve your air conditioner's efficiency, especially through the harsh temperatures of summer.

Consider installing wood or faux wood blinds on windows to add privacy and insulate your home. Blinds are great options, since their versatility allows you to open and close them when and if necessary.

To add a bit of color and texture to your windows, opt for curtain panels or drapes. You can easily find drapes that complement your home's décor. For added insulation, choose curtains that are lined, which are designed to block the sun's heat gain, improving your system's cooling capability.

Close your window treatments during the day, since temperatures and the sun's solar rays are at their highest then. In the evening, you can open up the blinds or drapes if you prefer.

Keeping your home cool during the summer can be difficult and expensive, but there are ways to protect your cooling system, conserve energy, and save you money. With these simple solutions, you can improve your air conditioner's efficiency during the intense heat of the summer season. Contact an air conditioning repair service for additional advice.