A Flooded A/C Unit In The Hurricane-Devastated States: How To Address This Problem

Right now, in the Carolinas and Virginias, a hurricane is destroying hundreds of miles of property, homes, and belongings. When the hurricane dies and slips quietly away into memory, people who evacuated will return home and begin cleaning up. When they do, they are likely to uncover problems with every system in their homes. If you are one of the unfortunate souls to find that your home and property has a lot of damage, you have to start somewhere. Start with the heating and cooling in your home. AC repair services in these states are going to be working overtime past Christmas, so it is important to call an HVAC technician immediately when you find that your AC unit is flooded, and your furnace is going to need a lot of drying out and repair work. 

Drain Everything Dry

It is going to take several days, maybe even weeks, for the waters to recede. When they do, your technician can get into the air conditioner and the furnace to see what has happened. Everything has to be drained good and dry, cleaned thoroughly, and then wiped down so that your technician is not electrocuted when he/she attempts to check the power status and electrical wiring on these major home appliances.

Preparing for the Repair Work

You can help prepare the way by going outside and wiping down the exterior box of the AC's condenser. Remove as much brush, silt and debris as you can. Make sure you wear work gloves to avoid any unhealthy bacteria that were pushed in and around your property by the floods. Keep the power that controls the AC unit and furnace turned off until everything is clean, dry, and given proper attention by the technician. Avoiding electrical shocks and explosions until repairs are made are just as important as cleaning things in advance to the repair work that will be needed.

Do All of the Cleaning and Preparation for the Furnace and Air Conditioning Before You Clean Anything Else

If flood waters made it inside your home, there is going to be a lot to clean up. However, once your furnace and air conditioning are functioning again, their ability to help dry out the air in your home will in turn help evaporate the water soaked into furnishings and carpeting. Ergo, you should clean and prepare your air conditioner and furnace for repair work first.