What To Do To Get Your AC Ready For Winter

The warm summer weather is long gone, but winter is quickly approaching. You may not have used your home's air conditioner in months, but there are some things you should do to it before the cold weather of winter finally hits. These three things should be on your checklist to do before the fall is finished.

Get An AC Inspection

It is always a good idea to have a local HVAC service company perform an inspection of the air conditioning system after the summer is over. They will do a few key things to catch problems that you may not have noticed otherwise. For example, they will check the refrigerant line for leaks and make repairs if necessary. If there is low refrigerant due to the leak, they'll put more in to ensure it is ready to go next summer. You'll also receive advice on parts that are breaking down and may be in need of replacement soon, which will ensure that your air conditioner continues to work when you next need it.

Clean The Filters

After a summer of heavy use, chances are that the filters for your air conditioner are clogged with various allergens and debris. For the compressor outdoors, there are likely leaves that found their way into the unit during the fall that need to be removed. For the air handler, you likely still need to replace the air filter that cleans the cold air before it reaches the vents.

It is a good idea to clean out the compressor outside before winter comes, which will ensure that the debris does not trap moisture underneath it in the metal unit. The air filter inside should be replaced prior to you using your heat when the furnace kicks on.

Cover The Air Conditioner

The last thing you should do is purchase a cover to go over the compressor outside. This will prevent the snow from getting into the unit, which can contribute to the coils inside forming rust. This can lead to an expensive repair down the road if you allow snow to collect inside the unit all winter. It's also possible to use a tarp to cover the unit, but make sure that it is secured in place so the tarp does not blow off.

Check with a local HVAC contractor like those with Dependable Heating & Cooling for more tips when it comes to what you should be doing to your air conditioner prior to winter.