Drain Maintenance Guide To Keep Your Home Dry And Prevent Foundation Damage

Maintaining drains is important if you want to prevent damage to your home. Problems with plumbing, storm, and foundation drain pipes can cause all sorts of other problems. The storm and foundation drainage systems that protect your home are the systems that often get overlooked, and they are where you will want to make sure to do maintenance to protect your home from damage. The following tips will help prevent damage to your home and foundation with the right drain maintenance routines: 

Occasionally Clearing Your Drain Pipes of Grime and Sediment That Build up in Lines  

There are some problems that you may have with the drain lines of your home becoming stopped up with things like grime and sediment. For the drains in your home, sometimes using boiling water can be a good way to clear the grime. For drains with sediment, like storm and foundation drainage systems, solutions like jetting the lines can be used as a routine maintenance process. 

Inspecting for Signs of Problems With the Storm and Foundation Drain Lines That Fail  

The foundation and storm drains outside of your home can be a problem when you have issues with deteriorating pipes or collapsed lines. Outside of your home, look for signs of damaged pipes, such as green patches of grass or weeds and indentations in the terrain. If there is a problem with the lines, they will probably need to be restored or replaced.  

Problems With Blocked Drain Lines and Using Camera Inspections to Locate and Fix Clogs  

The drains of your home and drainage systems can become clogged with debris and have other items blocking them. Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate these problems. You may want to have a drain maintenance service inspect the lines with a camera to locate and fix problems before they turn into serious issues that are costly to repair.  

Drain Line Pipe Elevations That Change Overtime and Need to Be Corrected to Prevent Problems  

There are some types of pipe materials that are vulnerable to changes over time. More flexible pipe materials can change in elevation due to settling and changes to the terrain where they are buried. To fix these problems, there are different solutions that a drain maintenance service can help with to ensure that waste and water are flowing through the lines.  

These tips will help you with the drain maintenance routines that will help protect your home from damage and foundation problems. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a drain maintenance service and talk to them about some of these needs for the drain lines in your home.