Ways To Get Your Residential Air Conditioning System Ready For The Summer Spell

When the summer season arrives, you take solace in the fact that your air conditioning system will help you beat the heat and stay cool and comfortable all summer. But what if it breaks down in the summer? Wouldn't that be a real bummer?

While your AC can break down unexpectedly just like the other appliances in the home, most breakdowns tend to happen during the summertime because this is the time of the year when you use the equipment the most. 

Prepping your home's cooling system to take on the heat of the summer months can go a long way in minimizing unexpected downtime, which will not only reduce your home's thermal comfort but also disturb your peace of mind.

Here are a few basic maintenance tasks you can carry out to help keep your residential air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently during the summer spell.

Check Your Thermostat

Your home's air conditioning system is connected to a thermostat whose function is to regulate the temperature of the air that comes out of the system. If the thermostat is dirty, not receiving power, or not sitting level, it may cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Inconsistencies between the temperature reading on the thermostat and the actual room temperature.
  • Continuous running of your AC equipment, even after it has attained the desired room temperatures.
  • Frequent short cycling.
  • The AC system is not working at all.

Checking for and fixing thermostat problems will help to reduce the risk of AC failure when summer temperatures set in.

Change Your Air Filter

The air filter performs the important role of intercepting airborne particles that get pulled into your residential AC system along with the warmer, unconditioned air. Because this filter collects a lot of dirt over time, it will eventually become clogged and need to be replaced with a new one.

Failure to replace a dirty air filter will reduce the performance and efficiency of your cooling equipment due to the restricted airflow. Timely replacement of the filter, on the other hand, helps to restore normal airflow, thus minimizing the risk of AC failure.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

Dust, dirt, and other debris often accumulate on the surfaces of your air conditioner while the equipment is running. Compared to the indoor unit, the outdoor unit of your AC system is at a greater risk of dirt buildup due to its location.

Before summer starts, clean your cooling equipment thoroughly to remove the excess dirt buildup that may cause problems later.

If you need professional help with getting your home's air conditioner in perfect shape for the summer months, contact a residential air conditioning contractor today.