Emergency AC Repairs You Might Need Due To A Heatwave

When your area experiences unusually high temperatures in the summer, you need your air conditioner to work properly to maintain comfort and safety. If your AC breaks down when it's hot, humid, and miserable outside, call an emergency AC repair service to get your equipment working again. You can have AC repairs done on the weekend or at night so you don't have to risk your health by being in a hot and stuffy house. Here are some repairs your AC may need to start working again.

Replace A Bad Capacitor

The capacitor in the condenser is vulnerable to heat damage when the outdoor temperatures get too high. Since the condenser is often in full sun all day, the temperature inside the unit can soar. The capacitor supplies startup power to the fan and compressor, so it's an essential part. If it burns out due to the heat, the part should be replaced right away so the compressor isn't damaged.

Even though you may wonder if you really need to call an emergency AC repair service when your AC can't keep you cool, it's a good idea to do so. Making fast repairs could prevent costly damage to parts in your AC that are already struggling due to the intense heat.

Replace The Condenser Fan Motor

High temperatures are hard on your AC equipment because your equipment runs continuously to keep up with the heat. This can cause the motors in your air conditioner to burn out. If the condenser fan motor stops working, it will also overheat since the fan cools down the condenser.

The AC repair technician can replace the faulty motor so your condenser stays as cool as possible. The technician might advise you to turn up the setting on your thermostat so your AC doesn't have to run continuously.

Improve Airflow

Proper airflow is essential for your air conditioner to work properly no matter what the temperature is outside, but it's even more important to have good airflow when the temperatures soar. The repair technician may check and change the filter and look for blocked vents and other problems that restrict the flow of air through the unit. They may even have to clean dust off the coils or clean the blower fan so the refrigerant and parts can work optimally.

When the weather is unusually warm, your AC may not be able to keep you as cool as you like. If you're not sure if your AC is malfunctioning or if the problem is just the heatwave, call an air conditioning repair service for advice and help. An emergency AC repair service can provide more information.