4 Warning Indicators It's Time To Repair Your Furnace

One of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your furnace is knowing when there's a problem. When you address the issues promptly, they will not lead to long-term damage in the future. This guide will explore four tell-tale signs to help you know when your furnace repairs are due.

1. Your furnace has a discolored pilot light

For your furnace to keep your home warm, it requires a heat source. For gas-powered furnaces, they require a burner before producing heat. If the burner is to work, it needs a pilot light (a little flame that always stays on), which acts as the ignition flame for the burner. If your furnace is functioning optimally, the pilot light emits blue light. If this light turns yellow, it's a sign that you have airflow issues in the combustion chamber, and you need to hire an experienced furnace repairs technician.

2. Your furnace is producing abnormal noises

Be attentive to the sounds produced by your heating system when it operates. If your furnace is operating efficiently, it should produce the same sound consistently. However, if you hear strange noises, you likely have a developing problem. Different furnace noises indicate different issues. When you notice excessive scrapping or rattling noises, your furnace blower motor could have loose screws and bolts. You may hear squealing or humming sounds if the motor belt is worn out or frayed. If you notice any weird sounds, ensure that you reach out to a home furnace installation expert for repairs.

3. Your furnace doesn't produce enough heat

An obvious sign you should schedule for furnace repairs is when your unit isn't functioning optimally. If it doesn't produce heat or the heat level is low regardless of your thermostat settings, ensure that you schedule furnace repairs. You're likely to have inadequate heat if your thermostat doesn't communicate with your furnace unit or your ductwork has a leak that allows heated air to escape.

4. You're finding it difficult to start your unit

If you're running an older furnace, you're likely to experience constant breakdowns, and eventually, you may find it difficult to turn on or keep it running. Even if your unit isn't old, you should seek professional furnace repairs if it takes many attempts before starting your furnace, or you have to keep restarting it several times a day. Some of the issues that could be linked to this problem include dirty flame sensors or air filters.

If your furnace is showing signs that it's struggling to keep up the right temperature in your home, seek the help of a home furnace installation technician. Small issues can end up translating to expensive repairs. That said, you save yourself the trouble of replacing your furnace by taking into account the furnace repair warning signs highlighted above. For more information, contact a furnace repair service.