3 Common Problems Affecting Radiant Heating Systems And Their Solutions

Radiant heating systems are an excellent alternative to traditional and popular central heating and air conditioning units. In this case, the system heats the rooms through radiation, typically installed beneath the floor. Further, it is more efficient than other systems, and when properly maintained, it can last many years. However, like other systems in the home, radiant heating also breaks down and needs professional attention. Here are some common issues that the system might develop and possible solutions.

When the System Has a Leak 

Radiant heaters often use water heated in a boiler, hence are vulnerable to cracks that appear with time and repeated use. Given this, radiant heating systems are susceptible to leakages that spring in different locations. Also, since radiant heating systems involve the heating and recirculation of water from a huge tank, leaks in the tank itself can develop for many reasons, including corrosion, age, and pressure. Another area prone to leaks is the water pump that moves the water around your house in a radiator. So, call an HVAC professional to assess these components and help you repair breakdowns or other damages to remedy leaks.

When There Are Issues With the Valves Used for Zoning

Numerous gates regulate the flow and heat of the water in this heating system. Note that your heated floor's efficiency will suffer if these controls are faulty. Another issue that only radiant systems face is an airlock. This happens when there is formation of bubbles in the piping connecting the boiler to the heater element, obstructing the flow of hot water and rendering the system ineffective.

Problems With the Temperature Control 

Often, the thermostat is a source of issues for the radiant heating system. Fortunately, problems connected to this device are easy to fix. So, test whether this is the issue you are dealing with using a non-voltage tester. If there isn't a current in the system, you probably have fuse damage which you can fix by resetting the breaker. Also, you can use the same tester to check whether the issue could be with the splice box in your heater. However, if it fails to operate in areas that usually have electrical power, it is time to call a technician from a reputable HVAC company for repairs.

These are the key issues you might handle if you have a radiant heater in your home. Consult a heating technician from a trusted HVAC company to deal with these issues before they lead to cold nights. Moreover, timely repairs will improve system efficiency and longevity and save you money in the long run.

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