3 Things To Know About Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

It can be a frustrating experience when a circuit breaker trips frequently. Some homeowners may dismiss the issue as merely being annoying. However, it is an issue that can lead to serious consequences such as fires or damaged property. There are a variety of reasons why circuit breakers may trip regularly. The following points highlight a few causes of this phenomenon.

One Bad Circuit

Sometimes a home will have one bad circuit that trips. Other areas of the home may not have this issue. It is an electrical issue that can likely be repaired rather than requiring a system upgrade. It will require testing to determine if an upgrade is needed. However, given that the issue is only affecting one area of the household it is likely only one bad circuit. 

Overloaded Circuit

An overloaded circuit puts homes at risk for electrical fires and damage to appliances and electrical devices. Homeowners should take time to observe what they are doing at the time of the power loss. If it only occurs when certain items are in use, it is likely time for an electrical upgrade because the current system is not meeting the demands.

Outdated System

Individuals who live in older homes may have this annoyance due to the age of their circuit breaker boxes. They should consider if their homes have had electrical upgrades and how long it has been. If an older home has never had electrical upgrades, the older electrical system likely cannot provide the energy needed to power the house. Many homes have new appliances, electrical devices, and HVAC systems. These require more power than older options. Many households do a variety of activities that require electricity simultaneously. This can lead to an overload on an older system. 

The issue might also be related to the power grid issue. A power grid delivers electricity from one source to a variety of places. This means that residential and commercial customers in the same locale are likely to be on the same grid. If there is a high volume of usage, it might cause some customers to temporarily lose power due to a system overload. A power grid is backed by a generator, so power loss is usually intermittent.

An electrician is a good resource to use to diagnose why circuits are tripping. If an upgrade or repairs are needed, they can provide these electrical services. They can also explain the dangers of not taking action.