Reasons Why Your Heating System Might Give Off Burning Smells

When you turn on your heating system, you don't expect it to emit a burning smell. However, burning smells aren't an uncommon problem with heating systems. In some cases, they aren't really serious. However, there are other times when it could indicate a problem that needs immediate attention. Here are some common reasons for a burning smell in your heating system and what you should do about them. Dust Accumulation [Read More]

Noisy Plumbing Pipes? Look Out For The Following Issues

Plumbing pipes are installed out of sight, in walls and crawl spaces. They work quietly to deliver water to the various access points in the home. The pipes shouldn't make any noises when moving water from one point to another. Thus, if you can hear banging, humming, gurgling, rattling, or squealing noises coming from your pipes, something is wrong. Keep reading to find out the leading causes of noisy pipes and what you can do to remedy the problem. [Read More]

Three Ways To Cool Your Home (Besides Central Air)

Cooling your home is a relatively straightforward process. Central air conditioners accomplish this by converting the hot air that is outside your home into the cold air that is then pumped throughout your house using the condenser coils. Central air conditioners are one of the most common types of air conditioning units available on the market today. If, for whatever reason, a central air unit doesn't appeal to you, there are other ways that you can cool down your home without having a bulky unit that sits outside your house. [Read More]

Maintenance For Your A/C You May Be Forgetting About

Your air conditioner, much like the other appliances in your home, needs to be cared for properly in order for them to keep working as they should. If you fail to maintain them, they will fail you eventually as well. Your system needs some routine maintenance work done that you may actually be able to do on your own. Read on for some of these maintenance tips to get done this year to ensure your system works next year. [Read More]