A Quick Look At The Air Conditioning Installation Options For Your Cabin

If you're looking to install new air conditioning in a cabin you visit mostly in the summer months, you may be considering all of your choices. Window air conditioning is probably out since whole-house comfort is better and window air conditioners can be a security risk when your house is vacant. The best choices are central air conditioning and a mini-split heat pump. Here's how these two air conditioning installation methods compare. [Read More]

The Need For Controlled Ventilation

Heating and cooling are critical for comfortable, safe, and healthy home environments. However, you should not discount the role of controlled ventilation in your home. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals understand the ventilation system's role and functions. Below are reasons for controlled ventilation in your home. Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality Ventilation helps you to maintain high indoor air quality (IAQ) in several ways. First, proper ventilation design ensures your home intakes air from specific locations. [Read More]

3 Things To Know About Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

It can be a frustrating experience when a circuit breaker trips frequently. Some homeowners may dismiss the issue as merely being annoying. However, it is an issue that can lead to serious consequences such as fires or damaged property. There are a variety of reasons why circuit breakers may trip regularly. The following points highlight a few causes of this phenomenon. One Bad Circuit Sometimes a home will have one bad circuit that trips. [Read More]

Three Reasons Why Your Furnace Might Be Cycling On And Off

If your gas furnace keeps cycling on and off, it might not be able to keep your home warm. The fact that it's cycling on and off could be a sign of a mild problem, such as a dirty filter, or your furnace might need to be repaired by a furnace repair technician. There are three things in particular that might be wrong.  1. The Flame Sensor Might Be Corroded [Read More]