Using AC To Fight Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can make your life miserable and make you hate the season. There are many things you can do to keep the flare-ups down; the problem is best tackled from different angles. For example, you can use your air conditioner (AC) to reduce the number of allergens in your home; here is how: Install the Right Filter The first tip is to ensure you have installed the right filter. Remember that regular air filters are meant to trap particles big enough to affect your AC's operation, not to clean polluted air. [Read More]

Bidet/Toilet Combos: Reasons You May Want To Get A Passion For That Splashin'

If you are trying to decide on the best type of toilet to replace your current one with, then you may be trying to decide whether or not a toilet/bidet combo is something that you should be thinking about. Here are 5 reasons a toilet/bidet combo may work out great in your house: You can save a lot of money on toilet paper When you decide to go with a toilet/bidet combo you can say goodbye to buying all of that toilet paper. [Read More]

Tips To Help You Prepare Your Air Conditioner Compressor For Summer

As the days get warmer and summertime weather approaches, it is time to get your home's air conditioner ready for use. The exterior air conditioner's compressor can become dirty from debris and sitting outside of your home all winter and will need some simple cleaning to prepare it. Here are some tips to help you get your air conditioner and compressor ready for the heat. Remove Winter Protective Cover Removing the winter storage cover from your air conditioner may seem like a natural first step to preparing your air conditioner for its power to be switched on, but this can commonly be forgotten. [Read More]

The Dangers Of Ice On A Heat Pump HVAC System

Heat pumps are an important part of many HVAC systems because they use natural heat to warm a house. Unfortunately, these outdoor systems often suffer from severe ice problems. As a result, it is necessary to carefully manage this situation to ensure it never happens again. Ice Can Form On The System Coils The system coils of the heat pump typically get a little cold during the winter and even during the summer. [Read More]