Tips For Saving Electricity (And Money!) On Air Conditioning This Summer

Summer is a lot of fun when you are out at the lake or beach with your family, but it isn't quite as wonderful when it comes to trying to keep your home cool. Central air conditioning systems are great but they are also expensive to run. And, it seems like that's all they do on really hot days!  If you dread the high electricity bills that come along with the hot days of summer, then follow each of these tips to save. [Read More]

Scheduling Difficulties That May Arise When You Want to Install a New Air Conditioner

 Most HVAC repair and installation contractors expect customers to call and schedule an appointment for repairs or installation services. Unless you have a major cooling emergency involving an infant, small child, or elderly person in the home, most of these contractors and technicians will schedule you for their next available time slot. You may think that it is no big deal, but you might be surprised at the scheduling difficulties you may encounter when you need a new air conditioner installed. [Read More]

Why Radiant Heat Is The Best Option Home Comfort

Are you building a home and need to select what methods you will be using to heat it during the winter? You may be tempted to go with what you are familiar with, which is a forced air furnace. However, you may find that radiant heat will be the better choice. This form of heating provides heat that is going to be much more comfortable compared to forced air for the following reasons. [Read More]

What To Do To Get Your AC Ready For Winter

The warm summer weather is long gone, but winter is quickly approaching. You may not have used your home's air conditioner in months, but there are some things you should do to it before the cold weather of winter finally hits. These three things should be on your checklist to do before the fall is finished. Get An AC Inspection It is always a good idea to have a local HVAC service company perform an inspection of the air conditioning system after the summer is over. [Read More]