3-Step Guide For Cleaning Your Central Air Conditioner Unit

Keeping your central air conditioning unit clean not only prolongs its life, but can also save you money on your energy bills because air flow is not obstructed. Follow the three-step guide below to give your air conditioner a thorough cleaning twice a year. Step 1: Clear Any Growth Away From The Outside The first step involves clearing away any grass or other plant growth from the outside of the AC unit. [Read More]

Options For Air Conditioning Your Garage

Whether you're using the garage to work on hobby projects or plan to turn the space into an epic man (or woman) cave, keeping your garage cool when it is blistering hot outside will likely be at the top of your to-do list. There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this feat, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Patch Into an Existing System If your garage is attached to your home and you have a central air conditioning system, you can hire a contractor to extend the system to cover the garage. [Read More]