Need a New Furnace But Worried About the Cost? Check Out These Tips to Help

Even though installing a new furnace usually means enjoying less expensive heating bills once the work is done, it can still be difficult to cover the initial cost of the new components and installation. For families coping with a loss in household income, health issues, or another situation that is causing financial stress, the thought of installing a new furnace may seem completely hopeless, even when one is desperately needed to replace a non-working, inefficient, or dangerous heating system. [Read More]

Building A New Home? Consider These Pros And Cons Before Defaulting To Forced Air Heating

Forced air heating is incredibly common. In fact, about 35 million American homes are fitted with this style of heating system. Due to this incredible popularity, a lot of new home owners choose to have forced air installed in the homes they're having built without even giving it a second thought. While forced air heating is an excellent choice for many homeowners, it does have a few intricacies that make it a less ideal choice for others. [Read More]

Keep Your AC in Top Shape by Cleaning Your Evaporator Coil

A little spring cleaning can go a long way toward keeping your air conditioner in great shape. Unfortunately, too many homeowners overlook the things they can't readily see. Hidden away within the AC plenum, your evaporator coil often ends up being missed. The following shows why and how you should give your AC system's evaporator coil the TLC it needs to help it survive another sweltering summer. Why Coil Cleaning Is Often Necessary [Read More]

Buying a New Furnace? 2 Great Features You Should Look For

The instant your furnace sputters to a halt, you might start searching for the cheapest heater on the market. However, while most furnaces might seem pretty similar, some manufacturers offer varieties that can help you to solve some age-old homeowner complaints. Here are two great features you should look for when you shop for a new furnace, and why you won't regret the extra investment: 1: Variable Speed Controls During the winter, you already have to deal with shorter days and a frigid commute, so why make things worse by investing in another furnace that will interrupt your sleep? [Read More]