What Does Professional Commercial Ac System Maintenance Entails?

When it comes to keeping a commercial property comfortable, the AC system is a major factor. Just like with any other machine, proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential for its longevity and efficiency. Professional commercial AC system maintenance ensures that your air conditioning system remains working correctly and efficiently all year round. Here are four key things you need to know about professional commercial AC system maintenance so that you can make sure your business stays cool in the hot summer months: [Read More]

Can You Tell If Your Furnace Is Running For Too Long?

The typical residential furnace uses a single-stage blower and burner that runs at a single temperature. These furnaces can turn on and off but cannot vary their output. Instead, they keep your home's temperature around your thermostat's setpoint by turning on, running for a while, and then turning off again. A residential furnace may cycle this way several times per hour. The length of time your furnace runs will vary based on the outside temperature, your setpoint, and many other factors, but your furnace generally should not run constantly. [Read More]

Does Your Furnace Have A Faulty Hot Surface Igniter?

The days of relying on a pilot light to ignite your furnace's burners are long gone. Modern furnaces use a variety of more reliable and efficient ignition sources, such as hot surface igniters. While pilot lights were perfectly acceptable options for igniting a burner, they required substantial maintenance and wasted a surprisingly large amount of natural gas. While hot surface igniters are much more reliable and require very little maintenance, they sometimes fail. [Read More]

Signs Of A Refrigerant Leak In Your AC Unit

Air conditioners, like all appliances, can sometimes break down and require repairs. But when AC units experience problems, they don't often quit completely. Instead, they tend to keep cooling your home, but less efficiently and while displaying certain symptoms. One of the more common and serious issues that air conditioners experience is a refrigerant leak. This is when the coolant, the liquid that expands to generate the chill in the air, starts leaking out of the coil it is supposed to be contained in. [Read More]