Heating The House While Waiting For The Furnace Repair Person

If your furnace has gone out, then you want to call someone out to fix it right away. Especially if this has happened in the middle of winter or during the region's cold snap. You may end up finding out that it will take some time before a repair person can make it out to you if they have a lot of other repairs ahead of you due to the extreme weather. Once you make the call, you want to immediately begin preserving any heat already in your home and come up with ways to generate more. Follow the advice here for a warmer house while you wait for your furnace to be fixed.

Seal any areas where heat can escape and cold can enter

Quickly go around the house with towels and duct tape. Tape up any cracks, holes or spaces where there is a draft. This includes checking where pipes come into the home and sealing up any spaces around pipes. It also includes taping any cracks in any windows. Roll up towels and use them to stop drafts coming in from window frames. Lay the towels along the bottom of the frame and tape any rolled up towels along the sides and top of the frames if necessary. You should also put rolled up towels against drafty doors.

Cover hard flooring any way you can

Once you have stopped drafts from coming in, you want to make sure you take care of the next largest problem. Hard wood floors can make rooms feel colder at a fast rate, so you want to act fast. Use any rugs you have to cover the flooring. Chances are good that you won't have enough rugs to cover all of the floor, so you can also use towels, blankets or any other material items to cover the floors temporarily to make it easier to keep the house warm.

Use all means possible to generate heat in the house

Look around the house for anything you have that can put out heat safely and use it to warm up the area of the house the family will be in. You should use blankets to block off hallways and entrances to other areas you don't need warmed so you don't needlessly lose the heat from the areas where you really need it.

Some ways you can put more heat out into your home include baking baked goods in the oven, putting blankets in the drier, then putting the blankets on the furniture the family will be sitting on, Look in the garage to see if you have any space heaters with your camping equipment and use them if you find them and turn on the heating lamps in the bathroom and leave the door open. You can even use a fan on a low setting to blow some of the warm bathroom air out into the common area. For more information, contact a business such as Butler Heating & Air.