Get Ready For Summer: Prepare Your Air Conditioning For The Hot Weather Ahead

As the summer months are getting closer, it's time to think about your home air conditioning system. While you can wait until the weather gets hot to turn your system on, you are better off getting your system serviced before the need for HVAC contractors is high. When you get your system maintained before the start of the season, you are less likely to have a system breakdown. While you can't avoid all emergency repairs, you will have fewer cooling emergencies when you have your system serviced before you begin using it on a daily basis. In addition, preparing your home for the hot weather ahead can make a difference in your cooling bills.

Don't Wait for Maintenance

The best time to call your HVAC contractor for beginning of the season maintenance is before the season gets too busy. Call your HVAC contractor and set up maintenance to have your air filters changed and your system optimized for the upcoming hot weather. You can help by removing any dirt and debris that have built up around your outdoor unit, but you should never take the cover off by yourself. In addition, you can move any furnishings that are blocking air conditioning vents so that your technician can make sure the system is running properly.

Learn How to Change Your Air Filters

In order for your air conditioning to run efficiently throughout the season, you'll need to change the air filters every month. If you aren't sure how to change the filters, ask the technician who comes to service your unit how to change the filters. When you keep your air filters clean, your system will be able to run more efficiently.

When Your System Makes Noise

If you hear loud squealing noises when you turn on your system, this could be a problem with one of the belts in your unit. If you air ducts make noise when the system turns on, you may need to open a vent or two so that the air ducts don't expand and compress so dramatically when cold air starts to go through the ducts. If you notice any odd noises that you haven't heard, call a technician before you continue to run your machine.

When you get your system maintained each year at the start of the cooling season, you will be starting off with an efficient cooling system. This will help you save money and avoid emergency repairs.