Why Your AC Is Making Noise

Is your air conditioner (AC) making your house uncomfortable by being too noisy? The key to keeping your AC silent is by diagnosing the cause of the noise, so you can fix it. Here are some of the common causes of AC noises:

Loose Mechanical Connections

Loose parts of your AC can make noise, especially if they are rotating and hitting other parts of the unit. For example, damaged fan blades can strike other parts of the unit and make scraping or banging sounds, depending on what they are hitting. Other examples of mechanical damages that can make noise include broken connecting rods, pistons or crankshaft. This is a double-edged problem because it means something is damaged, but the damaged part can also hit other things and cause further damage.

Debris in the System

Debris flying around in your AC system can also cause annoying noises. The AC is generally protected from debris invasion, for example the outside unit has a protective grate; however, debris can still get into the system, if it is small or if the protective devices are damaged. Twigs, pebbles, or even animals can get into the vents and cause noise by hitting on your AC parts. Just like loose parts, the debris can also cause damage, when it hits weak or sensitive parts of the AC.

Escaping Air

One of the main functions of your AC system is to circulate air. The stale air is sucked out of the rooms, while conditioned air is supplied throughout the house. The air shouldn't leave its specific channels, and it can only escape, if there is a malfunction or damage. For example, disconnections in the air ducts or damaged vents can allow air to escape, and you may detect the escape as hissing noises.

Natural Operation

Noises from the AC don't always mean something is wrong; all AC units emit some level of noise, though some run quieter than others, when operating. After all, a typical HVAC has numerous moving parts that must naturally emit some sound. Even the expansion and contraction of metal, occasionally caused by temperature fluctuations, will cause some noises as the metal pops.

Although there are normal and harmless causes of AC noises, you should be suspicious when the type of noises emitted by your AC changes or it becomes too loud. This is a major sign something is wrong with the AC, and you need a technician's intervention to diagnose and fix the issue.

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