Preparing For An Air Conditioning Installation - Four Tips

If you know that you need a new AC unit before summer, preparing for an upcoming installation will make the entire process more streamlined and less stressful. From bringing in a professional installer to getting your home ready, air conditioning installation can be a quick and easy process if you plan this right. Here are four things that you can do that can help make an upcoming AC installation go off without a hitch:

1. Planning Ahead and Bringing in a Professional

AC Installation isn't something that you should try to DIY. If you know now that you will need a new AC unit before the next heatwave, plan ahead and schedule a professional installer now. This way, you won't be competing with others that are in the same boat when AC repair and installation are more in demand. Professionals can also help you find the right AC unit depending on your priorities when it comes to energy efficiency, the look of your unit, and personal central air needs.

2. Clean up The Spaces Installers Will Need Access To

Be sure to check with your AC installer to see if they will need to access your electrical box or anywhere inside the home. Check that gates to your AC unit are cleared and accessible, and clear away any plants and debris that might be surrounding your current AC unit. Other items that might be a hazard, such as toys and gardening tools, should be put away as well. If you have delicate plants or yard decorations, you may want to cover or remove during installation.

3. Clean Vents and Ducts

After you've gotten the pathways and access areas of your home cleared, don't forget about your airways and ducts that your new AC unit will be utilizing. Even a simple vacuum around your vents will help new AC filters work better and longer. If you don't feel comfortable removing vents to do a deeper clean, inquire if your AC installer can add this item to their overall service. You can start fresh with a new AC unit and less dust inside your home from day one.

4. Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Having a professional AC installer come to your home can be exciting and nerve-wracking for kids and pets. You may want to lock pets away in a back bedroom so they don't escape or bother those doing work. If your kids will be overly curious of work, maybe have your AC installer come when they are at school. You can also let kids check out work being done with your supervision, but make sure little ones stay away from tools and equipment.

Getting a new AC unit can give your home a fresh start and will get you ready for summer. Anything that you can do to streamline the process ahead of time will make this easier for your family and air conditioner installation professionals.