The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Wood Stove

Are you unsatisfied with your heating unit in your property? Has it stopped working or just does not keep the home as warm as you want? You may need to consider replacing the heating unit with a different one. There are several options available for heating units, like furnaces, but if you want convenience and cheap you should try a wood stove. In this guide, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using wood heat in your property.


  • Inexpensive

Wood heat can be very cheap or even free. People who are fortunate enough to live in the country with woods on their property can chop their own wood, so they basically have a free source of heat during the winter months. If the wood stove runs on electricity, like some of the models, there will be a small bill for that each month but it's typically lower than gas or other forms of heat.

  • Convenient

Wood stoves are very convenient to have. If you ever lose power during winter storms or other bad weather in cold weather, you will still have heat. All you need is wood and matches and you have a constant source of heat. For some people, this could be life-saving. In some storms, the power can be out for several hours to several days.


  • Maintenance

The required maintenance for owning a wood stove is a little more strenuous than other heating units. You need to empty the ash tray whenever it gets full. You also need to clean the chimney at least once a year. A good time to do this is the beginning of the cold season. You also need to make sure the chimney is in good physical condition. Loose bricks can cause the structure of the chimney to weaken and collapse.

  • Effort

For some people, the effort of keeping the wood stove fully stocked constantly may be too much work. Carrying in loads of wood may also be difficult for some individuals. Also, beginners may find it hard to start the fire and keep it going so it burns hot enough to keep the property warm. However, this part can be made easier with fire starters and practice.


Choosing a wood stove over another type of heating unit is a big decision. Hopefully, this guide helps you make an educated guess and pick the type of heating unit you want for your property