How To Keep Your Furnace Productive

During the winter, a large part of you your utility bills are going to go towards powering your furnace. Of course, you want to make sure that you program your furnace so it is only running when most necessary, and always be sure to power it off when you are away from home. Regardless of how smart your programming is, your bills can still be quite substantial if you live in your home and rely on your furnace on a daily basis. They are going to be even more substantial if your furnace is not well maintained. This article explains how to maintain your furnace in order to keep it running at maximum efficiency this winter.

Keep a Clean Filter

Before you call in an HVAC professional to come service your furnace, there are probably some easy things you can do yourself to clean it and improve its operational efficiency. First of all, make sure your filter is current. That is, if you have not replaced your filter in a while, you should check it. Most filters only have a three or six month lifespan. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't actually change the air filter more than once every year two.

If your filter was dirty, it probably just means that it hasn't been changed recently enough but, it could also be a sign that your furnace needs to be cleaned. That is, if your furnace is not cleaned on a regular basis, the filter is going to get dirty more frequently. Additionally, when your filter is dirty, your furnace also gets dirty more quickly. So, the two components are interconnected. As homeowner, you can easily clean inside of your furnace, which can ultimately improve the quality of air, increase the lifespan of your filters, and reduce stress on vital components within the furnace.

Cleaning Inside Your Furnace

Actually cleaning inside your furnace is a no-brainer. All you really need is a hose vacuum and a wet rag. First, try to vacuum inside your furnace cabinet to suck up any dust and dirt on the surfaces. However, there is bound to be some grime that won't come off so easily. You can wipe down most surfaces with a wet rag, and you don't need any sort of cleaner. With a clean furnace, and a fresh, new furnace filter, you can rest assured that your system will be a little more efficient and productive this winter. Click here to investigate further.