Scheduling Difficulties That May Arise When You Want to Install a New Air Conditioner

 Most HVAC repair and installation contractors expect customers to call and schedule an appointment for repairs or installation services. Unless you have a major cooling emergency involving an infant, small child, or elderly person in the home, most of these contractors and technicians will schedule you for their next available time slot. You may think that it is no big deal, but you might be surprised at the scheduling difficulties you may encounter when you need a new air conditioner installed. 

Peak Season for Air Conditioner Problems

Summer is the most difficult time to schedule an air conditioner installation. At the height of summer, when it is extremely hot, and air conditioners develop the problems they do from working overtime, HVAC contractors and technicians are often booked solid. This is also the time when they have to respond to cooling emergencies, and they may have to move appointments back to respond to emergencies. Out of all of the times of the year and all of the situations that could arise, this is the one time when you probably should not schedule a lengthy A/C installation.

Holidays and Weekends Before and After

Most contractors are not likely to work holidays. They may work on the weekends preceding the holidays, but that may also be an unusual situation. Christmas (for people living down south where it is regularly hot/warmer), Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and the weekends before or after these holidays are all days where it might be really complicated to schedule your installation appointment. 

Your Own Schedule

Homeowners have to be home when a new air conditioner is installed. Trying to get time off and coordinate with available appointments that a contractor has may be a little frustrating. You may have to schedule several months out just to get a day and time that the contractor can work with and for which you can ask off work with your employer. 

Good Times to Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule out of season, such as early in spring or late in fall. If you want the new A/C put in before the upcoming summer, late spring is your best option because it is right before the cooling season gets underway and contractor schedules get bogged down. Mid-week is also better than trying to schedule on Mondays or Fridays because those two days of the week are when everyone else is trying to get an appointment. Also, talk to more than one contractor to get the best possible date and time for your own schedule. 

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