Tips For Saving Electricity (And Money!) On Air Conditioning This Summer

Summer is a lot of fun when you are out at the lake or beach with your family, but it isn't quite as wonderful when it comes to trying to keep your home cool. Central air conditioning systems are great but they are also expensive to run. And, it seems like that's all they do on really hot days! 

If you dread the high electricity bills that come along with the hot days of summer, then follow each of these tips to save.

Tip: Install an Awning Over the Outdoor Compressor Unit

If the air conditioner's compressor unit located outside of your home sits in the sun all day, then it will have to work harder. The best solution to this issue is to install an inexpensive awning over the top of it. An awning allows air to flow freely around the compressor while keeping the sun's rays off of it.

Tip: Ensure the HVAC System's Thermostat Isn't in the Sun or Otherwise Being Artificially Heated

Your HVAC system's thermostat should be located on an interior wall well away from windows, registers, or stoves that will artificially inflate the temperature. If the thermostat sits in the hot sun or another warm location, have it moved so it more accurately reflects the actual indoor temperatures. This will help the system run more efficiently and prevent over-cooling.

Tip: Do Your Part to Clean the Parts of the HVAC System You Can Safely Access

While cleaning inside of your HVAC system is a job for a professional, there are many parts of the system you can safely clean. These parts include:

  • removing vegetation and debris from around the exterior compressor unit
  • changing the furnace filter
  • unblocking and vacuuming each register cover

These simple things will save you money month after month as your system runs more efficiently. 

Tip: Know When It's Time to Call In a Professional for Assistance

Though many homeowners only call out a licensed HVAC professional when their system isn't working correctly, this can be a very costly "money saving" tactic. Residential HVAC systems have many moving parts needing regular cleaning, greasing, and otherwise maintaining. If these parts aren't regularly maintained, then the system won't run as it is designed, your power bills will increase, and the system will fail years before it otherwise would have with regular maintenance.

It is ideal if you have your home's HVAC system professionally inspected, cleaned, and tuned up every spring. Additionally, you should call out a technician if your air conditioner continually runs or won't get your home cool enough even on days that are not extremely hot. For more information, contact an air conditioning service in your area.