4 Problems That Cause Your AC To Not Cool Efficiently And Repairs That Will Be Needed To Fix These Problems Before Summer

The AC of your home can have a lot of problems, which sometimes are less noticeable. What you may notice is that the air conditioner is constantly running but may not actually cooling your home like it is supposed to. Therefore, you may need to have help with the repairs and maintenance that needs to be done before the hot summer days are here. The following tips will help you troubleshoot the problems that are causing your AC to not cool efficiently and have the right repairs done:

1. Problems with Blower Motors and Ductwork Air Leaks That Cause Your AC to Not Cool Like It Should

Your AC provides your home with cooling through a series of duct pipes. The blower of your AC pushes the cold air through these ducts and can sometimes fail. Therefore, if there is not sufficient cool air coming from the ducts, you will want to first check the blower, and then, check to make sure ducts are not damaged and leaking.

2. Winter Damage That Affects the Efficiency of Your AC and Can Cause Serious Problems with Damage to Your Home

The winter weather that brings snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can cause serious damage to your AC. Sometimes, the damage is only to the unit outdoor, and minor repairs can help solve the problems. The issues inside your home, like damage to AC condensation drain lines, can also cause damage to your home when the AC is turned on due to leaks and water getting in your home.

3. Old Compressors That Are Losing Gas and Need to Be Repaired or Replaced Before Summer

Old compressors are notorious for leaking gas, which is bad for the environment and your AC. Therefore, if you have an outdated air conditioner, you may need to have the gas charged before summer, which is only a temporary fix if this is the problem causing the system to not cool properly. Usually, it is going to be better to have the compressor or entire AC replaced to end the problems causing the system to run constantly, not cool efficiently, and even, start blowing hot air from the vents when the AC is turned on.

4. Electrical Problems and Damage That Cause the AC to Not Work Properly or Cool Your Home Efficiently

The electrical components of your AC can include the compressor unit, thermostat, and other wiring or circuits. These are components of your AC that are vulnerable to wear or damage due to causes like short circuits or electrical storms. Therefore, you will want to make sure that the thermostat is working and inspect the electrical wiring of your AC before the summer.

These are some tips that will help you troubleshoot the problems with your AC that need repairs before summer. If you need help with repairs before you really need your cooling this year, contact an air conditioning service for help with repairs and maintenance before you turn your system on this year.