Heating Problems: Is Your Heating Issue An Emergency?

Whether your heat has just gone out or you've been having heating issues for some time, it's wise to know the difference between a heating emergency and a heating repair need that can be scheduled for whenever an HVAC contractor is available. Do you have a heating emergency? Use this guide, along with the advice of your HVAC specialist, to help you. Emergency heating repair should always be done by a licensed professional.

Your heating is gas-based

If your main heat source is gas, like propane or other natural gas, and you have issues with heat, call your HVAC specialist right away. Your largest concern is that you have a gas leak or an issue with your gas line — or your tank, in the event of propane — that needs immediate attention.

If you smell gas or your carbon monoxide detector is beeping, leave your home immediately and call for emergency services. Your Emergency heating repair specialist will arrive at your home rapidly to attend to your issue.

You have at-risk people in your home

Are you relying on heat to keep someone who is very old warm? Do you have young children or even infants in the home that you are responsible for? If your heater isn't working as it should and you have at-risk individuals in your home, your HVAC contractor may deem your situation an emergency, particularly if the weather outside is still dropping low.

Your heater is smoking or causing electrical issues

Does your heater feel hot to the touch? Do you smell smoke when you turn the unit on? Is your home's electrical wiring acting up whenever your heater kicks on? Is your heater turning off and on unreliably? Any electrical issues related to your heater, including melting or faulty wires, constitute a heating repair emergency because your home can be at risk of fire. Turn off your heater as soon as you notice anything strange with the unit and call for emergency heating repair right away.

Never attempt to repair your heater on your own, even if it means being uncomfortably cold in your home until emergency heating repair specialists arrive. Your HVAC contractor will come to your property and assess the severity of your heating issue. Heating repair can be done in a single visit, however some emergency heating repair needs can take longer to accomplish. Your HVAC specialist will give you a schedule for repairs so you know what to expect if your emergency heating repair needs cannot be accomplished all at once.